Saturday, August 25, 2007

Creative Urges - A Categorisation

My creative urges develop early in my life. A few people were convinced of them. They wrote about it in my school leaving certificates and school report cards, indicating there is a future for them. These were important for planting the love of anything creative in later years. It is for these reasons that we need people to inspire us in our lives , even in three little words.

So when I reflect on my encounters with creativity, I like to categorise them in four major periods.

Period One : The Very Early Years and Influences

Period Two : The Young Man As Artist

Period Three: The Mature Years

Period Four: Forward -naturally

I will write these periods as they become relevant during the time of writing as and when I encounter the need for blogging them.

Therefore today I will just blog on the 'Rough Pad ' Years. This was a time of intense writing on plain rough pads, which I used in the years 1973-1974. But look there's something extra that I did . I began to do sketches in the rough pads. These were done while observing behaiours of people in classes I attended in the university days. Some were just afterthoughts in sketches of, course.

Here is a pullout collection of a few of those sketches.
The rough pads are an example of the 'Young Man as Artist 'period

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why I write?

Tonight is significant in that I begin to unleash my pent-up desire to write about my life story.
Today, 22/8/07 I completed my application form to pursue a PHD course with OUM and sent it out to KL. It was a momentous occasion to me. Whenever I achieve my PHD I would have then satisfied one of my top personal goals. This would mean another four years of intense living. I am ever looking forward to it.

Why do I write? This question is best answered in the words of Alvin Toffler.
"I wrote and wrote long before there was anyone to read it. I write, yes, to persuade people of what I think is morally and intellectually right. But also because the very process of writing changes me. It clarifies my time and my life. I write because not to do so leave me empty and dissatisfied."
Alvin Toffler, Previews and Premises,pg.216.
22/8/07 ,BTU.