Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why I write?

Tonight is significant in that I begin to unleash my pent-up desire to write about my life story.
Today, 22/8/07 I completed my application form to pursue a PHD course with OUM and sent it out to KL. It was a momentous occasion to me. Whenever I achieve my PHD I would have then satisfied one of my top personal goals. This would mean another four years of intense living. I am ever looking forward to it.

Why do I write? This question is best answered in the words of Alvin Toffler.
"I wrote and wrote long before there was anyone to read it. I write, yes, to persuade people of what I think is morally and intellectually right. But also because the very process of writing changes me. It clarifies my time and my life. I write because not to do so leave me empty and dissatisfied."
Alvin Toffler, Previews and Premises,pg.216.
22/8/07 ,BTU.

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