Saturday, September 22, 2007

Abstract Series

Abstract Series of The Mature Years Period
Abstract art is difficult to understand and more still to master. I find that it takes time for it to sink deep into one's psyche. Because the idea is abstraction, our mind need to be very focused, clear and simple to execute a reasonably good piece of work.
After the 'batik series' there was a lull in my activity on canvas. This was probably as a result of heavy workload that consumed much of my waking life doing my first career with the BDA. Nonetheless, it is while in the BDA that I attended an International Art Workshop from 8/9/89 to 17/9/89 in Kuching.
This exhibition was responsible for planting the seeds of a proper understanding in the concept of abstract art for me. However I discover now that it takes a real long time for abstract ideas to incubate in my thinking . Until one fine day on 12 September 1995 that the artist in me took the surplus paint and plywood boards with an eagerness and intense flow of emotions and actions. I finished four paintings in one session. It was the most productive and successful experience I had with abstract painting.
I see plenty more possibilities in abstract art and I am convinced that in later periods I will come back again to do abstract painting .
The few paintings I did in 1989 will become my personal collection.
There is however one extra large piece which I did on 12.12.01 entitled 'By the Water's Edge'. This painting was pure delight for me to do. It was done as part of a decorative wall piece for Mas Cafe at Parkcity, Bintulu.

By The Water's Edge - 2001, 87 cm x 208 cm
Movement 1 - 100 cm x 105 cm

Storm, rain and sea , 58 cm x 142 cm

Drooping leaves , 142 cm x 58 cm

Circular chain , 106 cm x 70 cm

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