Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Bintulu Artist to Hold Solo Exhibition

Venue of Exhibition: Sarawak Museum , Kuching , Sarawak.
Time: 15- 17 October, 1981.

The Year 1981 remains as one of the highlights of my encounters with creativity. That year I held my first solo exhibition in Kuching. I have not known yet any Bintulu artist who has held a solo exhibition in Kuching, the art capital of Sarawak. That would put me as the first Bintulu born artist to hold a solo art exhibition in Kuching. One for the Malaysia Book of Records!.

I have in my personal collection a couple of the paintings that were shown in the exhibition. These shall remain my personal collection and will not part with them because they are my signature paintings. Probably they will qualify for the Sarawak Art Museum (when I am not around in this planet!)

There are about 5 more of the other paintings which I still keep in my study. I will post these paintings when the time comes later. It is interesting to note tat these paintings were almost in water colour or mixed media and the size of the paintings are imperial sizes, i.e. 30 ins. x 22 ins.

Mosque in Sunset - 14/2/81, water colour

Croton - 24/4/76, Mixed Media

Door of Life - 8/8/81, Mixed Media

Solitude - 8/4/81, Water colour.

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