Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Green and Nature Poems

Country Peace

The rustling leaves
Brings that wondrous feeling
That town people miss
Called country peace.
There is low silence
Deep in its shallowness
Forever going
Forever reaching.
I lie in the open air
Letting the breeze blow
My ruffled hair
My face too
Rubbing it softly
But earthly through...
Natural quietness
Is a comforting cushion
That balms the mind
From earthly confusion.
I love nature
And its rustling leaves
The quietness of mind
Whatever good nature gives
A time to reflect
A season to recall
A loving state of mind
That nature grants all.
I thank nature for it leaves
My thoughtful mind
Well at peace
Rich at ease.


Windswept Lawn

Like a bird one day
I was out in the open air
rested on the tall casurina branch
and looked down onto the ground

It was a small garden
recently mowed
the grasses were dense dry and brown

The place was quiet
a little breeze blew
moved the silent leaves
the branches too

The house looked firm
friendly and warm
So I helped myself
to the comfy rattan chair
relaxed..and heartily said I;

Here's indeed a place to rest
to seek a peaceful mind
a mind that remembers and recalls
that windswept lawn
the trees and the house
I wish to be my own.


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