Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Love Poems Anyone?


Gazes she threw
made my feelings anew
of memories and times
spent in the early morning dew

A tapestry of images distinctly clear
of smiles so wide
and feelings tender
her person so near
warm and dear

Her eyes were sparkling brown
that left a trial of images
fantasies and flights of imagination
of days when a wink so mighty could hold hope to aspiring hearts

Gazes and glances
casts of gold
brown eyes and sweet smiles
a timeless spell behold.



it brings back imagination
it calls for something to be done
it longs for togetherness
thus loneliness...
brings us alone
together...all by ourselves.

The sweet silent air
breezes our soul
on this beach we call love
we rest our soul
let time pass
let it roll
for in my heart
there is always a place
ready for love.

I long for you
when loneliness comes
to fill my soul
to the brim of joy.
I care for none but you
release me of my loneliness
and together we'll build a dream
so perfect and sure
that in our minds
our happiness
shall reign supreme.


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