Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tanjong Lobang Creative Encounters

wooOOWWW! It's an alien planet landscape... with an alien figure showing the way ahead to the Time Machine... This watercolour painting I did as an abstract art piece on 22.4.68 ( date shown)...therefore Form Five work!!

( By Way of Photographs)

Han Hipnee signing in my autograph. Comments: Never know a Police Inspector with a softness to his heart.

Othman Borhan next to his prize winning batik painting , circa 1968. In 1969,Othman was awarded " The Best Art Student " for the year while in Upper Six.

Doing finishing touches to my homework piece. Here I am next to my bed ( lower bunker), in the infamous Dearnly Dormitory. Comment: Oh MY! Don't you have any other favourite batik shirt?

"Plein air" technique is a must experience under Mr. Voong. With Adi Tuah doing watercolour painting at the Brighton Beach,Miri. circa 1967. Comments: OK Datuk, this is for all times sake!!

This time I'm going to blog about the most interesting and significant early art education I had. To do justice to this period ( The Very EaryYears and Influences) and the persons responsible for the influences, I give myself this rare honour to put on record the learning experiences I enjoyed under the artistic direction of Mr. Voong

So bear with me as I try to recall with aids of my dairy, photographs( and autographs) and comments I gathered from others who have great admiration of Mr. Voong, the Art teacher.

First, I would like to throw at you the sense or mood of the times relating to the art activities we experienced. The photographs are characteristic of the times. Black and white and very nostalgic to me.

Then, in later episodes ( well its gonna be a long story) I'll write to the best of my ability , detailed description of Mr. Voong's style that impacted on me most and also other art students I know.

For its impact on others , I will write a special mention on my dormitory mate and friend, Othman Borhan. Later in his life, Othman became a respected artist in Kuching, Sarawak.

My creative encounters at Tanjong Lobang school( later'College') were also in the area of drama( stage performance) and poetry writing. These will be blogged about after finishing blogging on my Tanjong Lobang art training.

For sure it was the highest level of Art education you can get in Sarawak during those times.

" Form Six, Man!!!" and "Hey! Tanjong Lobang ,lah!!Bukan sebarangan dong!!!"

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