Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Forward - naturally

In my mature years period , one of the areas of creativity I dwelt upon extensively was landscaping. The extremely intense experience I gathered in my mature years( 1983-1993) while working in BDA provided a rich exposure on many aspects of the landscaping activities. Landscaping became a constant theme in my present period which I term as 'forward - naturally'.

Caladium bicolour (Angel's Wings)

Caladiums are a showy plant and most tender tropical foliage plants, prized for the gorgeous colours and rich patterning of the large thin eaves. Notice the large contrasting veins .

This period in my life I will dedicate to nature but of a different paradigm, which I prefer to
designate as "forward with nature". This thematic treatment shall be explored in greater details in my other sites, viz 'my landscaping story','my eco-farm'(under-construction) and ' a Malaysian sidewalk'.

Well, today it has been raining since 5.00 am till about 9.30 am. Having nothing to do outside, I decided to take a pix of the landscaping detail I did a couple of weeks ago, just outside my cottage bedroom wall. This piece I did in about an one hour time.

Clerondendrum thomsoniae
(Bleeding Heart)

Watch the clusters of deep crimson flowers emerging from the pure white bell-shaped calyces contrasted by the large, oval deep green leaves. This plant grows well in a sunny position. Because it is a climber, it needs to be pruned regularly. It grows well in Bintulu due to the humid environment here.
Earlier on , I grabbed my Nokia phone n93i and took a pix of the landscaping detail of the wall outside my bedroom. The wall is made of rattan ( a natural vine available in the wild ) here. My idea in this simple landscaping piece is to make the plants hug on to the walls, naturally.

Clerondendrum thomsonaie

( Pink variety)

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