Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bintulu Batik Series - ethnic by design

Kelabit Lass - circa 1986, Kidurong, Bintulu. (Sold)

These batik paintings were done in Bintulu. They depict much on the ethnic cultures of Bintulu.

The year 1986 seemed a very prolific year for me. The reason being that having a good job with the BDA, I could therefore concentrate on doing batik without worrying about daily meals .

Iban Design - circa 1986, Kidurong, Bintulu.(Sold)

Kelabit Dancers - circa1986, Kidurong, Bintulu.( Sold)

Traveller's Palm - circa 2002, Park City, Bintulu.( Sold )

Ethnic by Design - circa 1986, Kidurong , Bintulu.
( own collection)

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