Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Night and Me ( in six parts )

This is poem of my mature years period,written on 30.7.74.

The Night and Me ( in six parts )


It was a cold July night

the rains have stopped

early in the evening

all around coolness was felt

the night was dark and damp

the streets silent

the roads were free

the buildings in rows

only the ever shining flickers

of the electric lights did I see

Here from above the multitude of houses

I came down in my helicopter



to disturb not

the silent sleep of the slumbering people

the warm kisses

the sensual feelings

the pleasurable joys

the ectastical sensitiveness of love

in the burning eroticism

of the young couple


I flew up higher

laughing myself to ife

the mutual reward of giving

the satisfaction of my ideals

I shared with my woman

deep in embrace

In a moment of high happiness

we declared ourselves as one

united in desire

the longing of sharing happiness

the longing of loving

of passion and affection now caught in one beautiful moment

we remained deep in our happiness

unuttered in words but felt

we embraced to love life

to live life

and all its beauty


I moved now into the silent night

to the world of calm reflection

stillness abound

rich in its stimulation

for in the thoughtful recesses

of his mind

the young scholar toiled

imagining, picturing, thinking

discovering and finding out

How I love life

and truth it rewards

to bath myself in the light of reason

I held my hands and fingers

raised above my head

and caressed the dark volumes

and shadows of my hair

my problem, my not knowing

the brilliance and the exposure

of the light of reason and happiness


I walked out

into the darkness and mysteries

of the night

on every step I forward make

brilliance shone

my body was brilliance

the night stayed darkly


My helicopter

brought me down town

among the conflagration of

colourful neon lights

that adorned the streets and entrances

of this cold darkly night

My eyes were caught by the kicking of doors swung open

a man was pushed out

into the cold lonely night

wrapped in downcast dissatisfaction

he walked out feeling pain

quilt, worry and shame

satisfaction unfound

joy missed

the prostitute

hands on her heavy hips

stood legs apart at the doorway

shouted obscenities at the man

giggled at life

not knowing exactly what to say

she banged the door

and turned back

into the dark corners of

undernourished and undeserved life

I see no more

what the night shall bring to her

only a sad memory

and a cold mysterious hope.


I looked behind me

the hours were late

the night more lonely

I flew faster

up and higher

running for the day

the brilliance to come.

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